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Who am I
Location: Raleigh, NC USA
Date: Friday, August 14, 1998 at 21:44:10
WOW!!! Trang nha` qua' dde.p. Tho+ cu~ng hay, ma`va(n cu~ng hay. Cool!!!...Keep up the good work. Tra? lo+`i ddu'ng ma^'y ca^u trong tro` cho+i "ra'p chu+~ va`o tho+", cho+` ma~i va^~n kho^ng tha^'y che` dda^u...

Name: P. Dang
Location: Ottawa, ON Canada
Date: Tuesday, July 14, 1998 at 04:31:28
To^i ddu+o+.c anh ba.n gio+'i thie^.u ve^` webpage cu?a chi. ne^n ghe' dde^'n tha(m. Tie^'ng ddo^`n qua? tha^.t kho^ng sai\. Ngu+o+`i dde.p, gia trang cu~ng dde.p.

Name: Chu An
Location: Ottawa, On Canada
Date: Friday, July 10, 1998 at 07:35:41
Ngu+o+`i ba.n gia` cu+' khen ma~i va` ba?o ne^n dde^'n tha(m gia trang cu?a chi.. Xem qua guestbook thay thie^n ha. dda~ khen he^'t ro^`i ne^n dda`nh ni'n thinh. Tho^i thi` chi? he't le^n mo^.t tie^'ng "TUYE^.T" I'll be back

Name: Anh-Thu
Location: Ottawa, ON. Canada
Date: Wednesday, July 8, 1998 at 03:08:42
Mo^.t webpage tha^.t tuye^.t vo*`i. To^i ho.c ddu*o*.c ra'^t nhie^`u.

Name: Co? Nho+'

Date: Friday, June 26, 1998 at 13:03:50
Ti? ti? na^`y xa^'u nhe', na(n ni? go+?i hi`nh cho tie^?u muo^.i thi` cu+' la('c dda^`u, trong khi giang ho^` thie^n ha. ddu+o+.c chie^m ngu+o+~ng dung nhan ngu+o+`i ngo.c he^'t tro+n ro^`i muo^.i mo+'i ti`nh co+` tha^'y :))) tie^?u muo^.i nha` Co?

Name: troi dat
Location: columbus, ohio usa
Date: Sunday, June 14, 1998 at 22:29:43
toi muon coi them hinh nguoi dep mot ti more you know what i mean

Name:Bui Thanh Liem
Location: Madison, AL USA
Date: Tuesday, June 2, 1998 at 15:29:48
Chi? muo^'n nha('c nho+? la` ba` chi. thie^'u BTL to^i va`i cha^`u che` Hie^?n Kha'nh, gia?i thu+o+?ng tro` cho+i ra'p chu+~ va`o trong tho+


Name: Peter Simon Nguyen
Location: Akron, Ohio
Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 at 23:03:22
Gia trang cu?a chi. ra^'t xinh. Tho+, va(n, lo+`i bi`nh pha^?m cu?a ca'c ba^.c vi~ nha^n ra^'t la` chi' ly'. Pha^`n games cu~ng thu' vi. la('m. Hi`nh nhu+ la` su+ ti? thie^'u tie^?u dde^. va`i cha^`u che` vi` dduo+.c thuo+?ng khi cho+i games. Chi? tha('c ma('c mo^.t ddie^`u la` ta.i sao co' te^n Michael trong homepage cu?a chi. instead of Y Lie^n.

Name: Thanh Phuoc
Location: Moorpark, CA USA
Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 at 21:03:12
TP thi'ch nha^'t la` nhu+~ng lo+`i tu+. Ra^'t hay va` ra^'t cha^n tha`nh. Glad to know somebody like you. :-)TP.

Name: Ba` Tie^n
Location: San Jose, CA good old USA
Date: Tuesday, April 21, 1998 at 18:12:40
Homepage he^'t sa~y luo^n. Michael la` ai da^.y ki`a ??? Ba` Tie^n co`n no*. YL mo^.t bu*?a a(n vi` la^`n tru*o*'c YL bao o*? Berkeley. Khi na`o co' ghe' San Jose nho*' give me a call. (408)270-2985.

Name: Tu+ E}'ch
Location: Los Angeles, CA Me~o
Date: Monday, April 20, 1998 at 17:18:24
Tui te}n la` Tu+ E}'ch, tui ra}'t thic'h nhu+~ng ba`i tho+ tuye}.t hay va` nhu+~ng ca}u no'i ra}'t ha`m xu'c (tuy -da}`y ma}u thua}?n) cua? chi. chu? nha`. TE

Name: daibang
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Date: Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 01:03:47
Hi chi. Y' Lien, daibang dda^y (Phuyen netter). Homepage cu?a chi. ver nice!

Name: Cha^n Ma^y
Date: Wednesday, April 8, 1998 at 17:28:01
Chu'c mu+`ng YL co' "ca(n nha`" webpage tha^.t xinh xa('n, nhie^`u tie^'t mu.c mo+'i la. cho kha'ch thu+o+?ng ngoa.n, nhu+ la` mu.c tha? tho+ co' thu+o+?ng che` ??? :-). Tho+, truye^.n tha^.t dda(.c sa('c, mu.c vui cu+o+`i di' do?m. Gia chu? nie^`m no+? ddu+'ng ddo'n kha'ch ngay ta.i "ca'nh cu+?a tru+o+'c" kho^ng pha?i "ca'nh cu+?a sau" :-). DDa(.c bie^.t la` ddo^i do`ng vie^'t ve^` mi`nh tha^.t la` y' nghi~a, ddu+o+.c nhu+ the^' qua? la` cao dde.p la('m thay !!! Khi na`o mo+? party dda^y ??? What's on the menu? Tha^n - Cha^n Ma^y

Hi there! :))
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